1400 superstition

Modern superstitions include the belief that walking under a ladder will cause something bad to happen to you, but back in the 1400's the supersitions were very different.

European Superstition in 1450

Some Europeans believed that there were witches. Witch craft was believed to be an anti- Christ religion women would practice. Witches were thought to be evil women that could cast spells causing harm to a person or their possessions. Unlike superstitions today people took superstitions very seriously and leading to death and imprisonment. Many test were given to determine whether or not. A simple scar, birthmark, or mole on a women could be enough to test whether or not a women was a witch. The final test consisted of the women getting tied at her arms and legs and thrown into deep water if the women sunk she was not a witch; if she floated she was. The penalty for being a witch was being burned at the stake.

Modern day superstitions: Stepping on a crack would brake your moms back
thought to cause good luck: a bird pooping on you , knocking on wood, spilling salt, horseshoes, 3/4 leaf clovers

Thought to cause bad luck: Broken mirrors or robin eggs cause seven years bad luck, black cats that cross your path , cleaning on a holiday, If someone sweeps the floor and sweeps your feet, lying without crossing your fingers, walking under a ladder.